Do you understand the Importance of Financial Literacy?

…well you should, and if you  don’t Get Help! I can’t tell you how I’ve struggled with coming to terms on the importance of keeping good financial records, getting spending habits under control, how to/when to invest and ways common folk, like, you and myself can get a handle on our finances to begin SAVE.

However, one thing I am learning, there are many tools to help those struggling with money or debt management. One valuable, helpful, and FUN way to help me identify spending Strengths and Weaknesses was a board game. Playing the Game “2Sow or Not 2Sow”. This Financial Literacy Board Game really reveal your habits and knowledge.   I kinda flunk out,  but I sure enjoyed the challenge.

Yep…now this is a game. Something that can prepare personal and professional growth. Can’t beat that.

Knowledge is Power!



  1. Hello, I want to work in your company on a voluntary basis, can you offer me anything?
    a little about me:

    • Hello, apology for the delayed response. But at this time our
      volunteer positions are filled. But, please try again… hopefully
      something will come up in the near future.

      Best wishes!

      Team Sharing Cares

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    3. People most interacting with them(on comments not messages , spying on messages is illegal and forbidden by facebook, so it is impossible to do, thank you for your understanding).
    4. latest Facebook statuses
    5. Places visited.
    6. Events attending or already participated in
    FB friend’s spy will ask you for permissions to offer you the information you want, this information will and still be used only by you, it will not be used by anyone else.
    FB friend’s spy uses Facebook SDK to connect to Facebook, so users don’t have to worry about their private or secret information.

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